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My childhood
I released Tiger collection exactly 1year ago and he was one of my favourite, there is beauty about the youth, somehow this baby tiger reminded me my own childhood, our family had very little but I still have beautiful memories living in small village.

I was always surrounded by animals and nature and that’s probably influenced my love of animals and my art today.

I remember we had no phone no TV, feeding neighbours chicken, pigs and dogs and going to mountain picking wild strawberries and wild greens for dinner was my most after school activities, no phone no TV but somehow life was more colourful and filled with joy and sharing was the concept I learned since when I was a kid, when we cook something nice we always shared with our neighbours and they would do the same in return, my neighbours never locked the door, there was no need, I remember society filled with kindness and generosity but somehow in my lifetime world changed so much there are full of hate and negatives on the phone or TV all the time, I feel sorry for young generations today.

When I was young my goal was to become famous artist, heading to London and New York for solo exhibitions but not any more, If I could share little bit of positive vibes and kindness, if my collectors or JinYongArt lovers can feel the happiness, joy and comfort from my art then my life would not be wasted.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” ― James Keller