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My life lesson at the ArtSource2021
I had the most incredible experience at the ArtSource RDS, my voice is almost gone but it was so lovely to chat with all the collectors, friends and visitors.
There is little story I would love to share, first 3days I had very little sales, huge show like this it’s big investment and commitment, also the best place you get feedback about your new collection and build confidence.
I remember waking up on Sunday morning feeling low and full of doubt, feeling like my art is not good enough, but then I received messages from my mom and told me it’s Sunday and make sure I pray and spend some time with God and remember how blessed I am and stay humble and be grateful in any situation.
After pray and listening gospel songs I felt so grateful to be able to do what I love and share my passion and positive messages through eyes of wildlife, I remember walking to RDS with full of joy and happiness, I no longer worry about sales because I have enough and everything else was bonus.
Then magic happened and sold 27 paintings in total and limited edition prints were almost SOLD OUT.
Some reason in 2021 it’s so much easier to talking about sexuality than religion but I am proud Christian and just wanted share my experiences.
Huge thanks to everyone who visited my stand and purchased paintings and prints, Karen and Patrick who organised ArtSource2021 always looking after me, also Paul from PA framing was life saver helping me out with delivery, Faye and John who also helped with delivery, Wei who helped me hang large paintings my two lovely assistants Siobhan and Yeliz, my partner Sasha, thank you from bottom of my heart! ❤️ 

Sharing positive energy, messages and colours through eyes of wildlife is my lifelong dream and I am truly living my wildest dream ❤️